October 2019


Exercise: Think of a scent Write all words/phrases associated with it Write a scene with the same emotions Scent: Vanilla Words/Phrases: Her, high school, band bus, color guard room, skipping class, taste, cake, frosting, firsts Scene:           Jenny was mid-sentence… Read More »Vanilla

Creepy Pasta

Tis the season for scaring. Creepypasta is always a reliable source when you want to get a little creeped out.

Ghost Story #4

          “Which dorm are you in?” Kimmy asked.           “Um…” I rechecked my move-in paperwork. “Foster Hall.”           “Oh, damn.”           “What?”           “My older brother said that one’s haunted.”           “Psh, yeah right.”           “No, really. Apparently a student… Read More »Ghost Story #4