January 2021

Friends and Cheesecake

I love cheesecake! And it’s my dessert of choice on my birthday (which was two weeks ago) so I thought it fit well with this week’s short prompt.

Outlining A Novel

I love, love, love Joanna Penn’s podcast. I binge listen to old episodes while I’m at work and can’t get enough of her tips and tricks. Since this week I talked about my creative process and outlining procedures, I found… Read More »Outlining A Novel

Book Binder Layout

         This year I’ve taken on another type of writing project; a non-fiction book on the writing process. My original outline for this had literally every step of the journey, and I realized that it would be waaayyyy too much… Read More »Book Binder Layout

Plotting Resources

I’ve read soooo many books that have helped me develop my writing process, but these three were the main ones that helped me with plotting. On Thursday I go into more detail about my plotting routine.

December Reads

         I don’t know about you guys, but I finished 2020 with a bang. I read five books in December, exceeded my goal of reading fifty books for the year, and checked off the last few books on my reading… Read More »December Reads