June 2021

Retail Life 33

         I spend a lot of time in my retail rants talking about people that are rude, nasty, and inconsiderate. But once in a while there are some good people. And I feel like that means I should talk about… Read More »Retail Life 33

Nightmare on Elm Street

My first favorite scary movies to watch and the beginning to my obsession with all things horror. Seemed fitting with this week’s writing exercise. Who else loves these old films?

My Nightmare

         The team gathered at the sight of the fire. James carried the boxes and trash bags to the card table Ben had set up. Nancy passed out the goggles, masks, and gloves. Rhonda sat with Ben at the table… Read More »My Nightmare

A Nightmare

This week’s post isn’t exactly from a writing prompt. I read the chapter in Now Write from Mary Shelley and it talked about a nightmare. So, I thought I’d write about a nightmare I had more than once when I… Read More »A Nightmare

The Magicians

One of my new favorite books is apparently a TV show. So, here’s the trailer and I’m off to binge watch every episode.

May Reads 2021

            Another crazy month of reading down and I tore through NINE books. I’m also now at thirty-one reads for the year out of my fifty-five book goal. Obviously, I’m going to make that with no problem. Audiobooks have really… Read More »May Reads 2021

Cover Reveal

My new book is ready for preorder and will be out on July 31st! And look at this beautiful cover! I love it so much, I can’t stop staring at it. If you’d like to read two prequel scenes, visit… Read More »Cover Reveal