A Week in the Life

As I’m sure you’ve picked up on, I’ve got a lot of stuff going on with my writing life. I’m constantly working on multiple project because ya girl’s got goals. Haha, sorry not sorry.
But I thought I’d take you through the general week schedule I have. Because I also have a day job where I work 45 to 50 hours every week. And I have the children, a toddler and a preteen (gasp, that’s a scary thought). Plus the man-child… I mean boyfriend *he won’t read this, right? I love you! I’m just kidding!* So, life is a lot on its own, and then I add all the writer stuff on top of it? I must be Wonder Woman.

Monday – Business day. I fill in my work logs and write in my reading journal for the books I read the week before. I check on my ads and create new ones if needed. At the beginning of the month, I input any expenses into my logs and write my newsletter. And if needed, this is the day I do formatting for any launches.

Tuesday – Blog day. I write my three posts all on the same day and schedule them out. Afterwards, I focus on any craft research I’ve assigned myself for the week.

Wednesday – This is my first e-mail day. I only check e-mails three times a week. I obviously will read something if it’s urgent, but most things can wait a day or two before I get to it. Then I work on editing. I am usually editing two different projects at once, at two different stages. The more difficult tasks I put on Wednesday. This would be the developmental edits or rewrites.

Thursday – Writing day! That’s it. I write on Thursdays. If I’m not writing something, I’m plotting/outlining or doing character work. It’s all about creating on Thursdays.

Friday – E-mail day number two. And editing day number two. This is where the easier (not easy, just easier) editing tasks go; my first read through and note taking of a piece or the line editing phase. Neither one of those takes up a lot of brain power and I’m pretty drained and ready to relax by Friday, so I give myself a task that I won’t just try to put off. I can just get it done and then go sit on the couch.

Weekend – I check my e-mails again on Sunday. I only do work on weekends if I missed something during the week. I really try to keep my weekends free for family time and housekeeping. I only have one day off from the day job, and I’d like it to be an actual day off.

And that’s it! I’m usually working on three to four projects at once. Once I have a good amount of stuff out in the world, I’ll slow down. But for now, I’m really focusing on building up my inventory. And I still love every part of the process, so I’m not worried about burnout at the moment. Maybe if it starts to feel like work instead of passion, I’ll take a break. But I don’t see that happening any time soon 🙂

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