A Year of Great Books

I’m a little shocked how many books I racked up this year. My small goal of 55 was blown out of the water.

Audio books are definitely to thank for this. But I’m also proud of how much I’ve increased my physical reading in the last few months. I knew I’d get back to my old ways eventually, I just had to make the time.

But I will always love audiobooks 馃挏

I saw this idea for tracking my books and I fell in love. It really puts it into perspective how many books I read. This year I didn’t buy as many as I usually do and borrowed way more from the library. So it didn’t seem like that many at first. But this is a beautiful way to keep count.

How did your reading goals pan out in 2021? What methods do you use for tracking, if any? And what are your goals for this year? Me, I’m setting my sights on 75 books. I don’t want to shoot too high, just in case this last year was a fluke. Haha.

Come back Thursday so read what I thought of my December books.

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