Tuesday Titters

Shadow People

So, I’ve been thinking about creepy things, as usual. And I stumbled across this lovely woman on TikTok who talks about folklore and mythological beasties. And she really makes ya think. A recent video she posted talked about the shadow… Read More »Shadow People

2/22/22 Tuesday

It’s the magical day of all 2s! And also margarita day *sips drink* So, they’re saying it’s a day about new beginnings and change and manifesting dreams and stuff. I’m not so sure how much I believe in all this,… Read More »2/22/22 Tuesday

I’m Tired

My store’s inventory is next week so the day job has been pretty hectic. So today’s post is a little short, but I wanted to check in anyway. Thursday’s post will be a retail rant, I hope you enjoy it.… Read More »I’m Tired

Almost Christmas

Fingers crossed this is my last Christmas in retail. The last twelve years have really turned me into a grinch. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving thoughtful presents to the people I love and care about. But if one… Read More »Almost Christmas

Reading Lists

My 2021 reading list was very ambitious. I had thirty titles on it and still had space for a few more. I thought I was going to delve into poetry and read some popular nonfiction titles. I planned on reading… Read More »Reading Lists

Small Requests

I’m tired today, so I’m going to keep it short for this update. My nonfiction book came out last week. I hope anyone who liked my writer tips posts will pick up a copy. But my fiction books are available… Read More »Small Requests