Tuesday Titters

Another Author Update

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/couple-steps-forward?sd=pf I still feel like I’m screaming into the void over here. I miss the old wordpress. But I’m going to start adding this link to the back of my nonfiction books so fellow writers might be interested in my… Read More »Another Author Update

Weekly Author Plans

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/another-good-week?sd=pf Another weekly check in for you. Subscribe to my substack if you want to keep up with my work flow.

Another Author Update

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/finishing-energy?sd=pf Another update of finishing tasks as we near the end of the year.

Late night Substack

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/sprinting-to-the-deadline?sd=pf Some writerly behind the scenes of how my brain works through author problems. Subscribe to my substack to continue getting these weekly writer updates because after the new year, I won’t be posting them here any longer.

Boom more Writing Nonsense

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/crunch-time?sd=pf Check out my author updates over on Substack. And don’t forget, come January I won’t be posting on here anymore.

Weekly Update

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/right-to-the-point?sd=pf Head over the substack to see what I’m working on this week.

A Writer Journal Entry

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/keeping-on-track?sd=pf Check out my substack newsletter to keep up to date with all the behind the scenes writer work. Come January, I will no longer be posting on this website. So, if you’d like to stay in touch subscribe to… Read More »A Writer Journal Entry

Weekly Update

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/end-of-the-year-slog?sd=pf Click the link to see what writer nonsense I’m up to this week.