https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/writerly-work?sd=pf Only a few more weeks and I won’t be sharing the link here any longer. In January, my author updates will only be posted directly to the substack and onto my Patreon page. If you’d like to keep up… Read More »Substack

Full Dark pt 3

The next morning, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave my bedroom. The smell of French toast and bacon floated up the hall to me and my stomach grumbled. My favorite breakfast. But I couldn’t be sure if it… Read More »Full Dark pt 3

The Bridge

They say no one’s been to the other side. They say no one knows where it leads. They say it’s impossible to cross, and many have fallen to their death. They say I shouldn’t even think about it… But I… Read More »The Bridge

Book Binder Layout

         This year I’ve taken on another type of writing project; a non-fiction book on the writing process. My original outline for this had literally every step of the journey, and I realized that it would be waaayyyy too much… Read More »Book Binder Layout

Progress Report

Since the beginning of this year, I have made important changes in how I manage my time and pursue my passion. I have developed some great habits and made real progress in my projects. I’m pretty proud of myself and… Read More »Progress Report