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One goal I set myself this year was to learn more about the craft and business of writing. I made a lesson plan and broke down topics for each quarter and assigned books, videos, and other materials to study.

The first quarter has focused on plotting and outlining. I know I’ve already written a book on my process, but I’ll be among the first to admit that no process has to be set in stone if you make things better. And with everything I’ve studied so far, I think I’m going to have a much more streamlined process going forward. *Spoiler alert, this means I’ll probably have an updated version of my book in the future.*

I mention this today as a piece of reflection on progress I’ve made so far. It’s March and I’ve read five books so far and I’m so excited to start a new project so I can use what I’ve learned. I also wanted to bring this up to remind others it’s never too late to learn more. If you have the desire and the drive, you can expand your knowledge at any age.


Another thing I wanted to bring up today – I installed a new plugin on my website that will allow you to listen to a narration of my posts if for any reason you need it. I tried this out back when I first started blogging, but the website I was using was clunky and I wrote too much to fit into one file. I’m hoping this new app will work better. I only have a free account right now, so there’s a limit on the amount of posts that can be used with it each month. But if it proves to be popular and useful, I’ll get the paid version so every post can have the audio attached.


Thank you for reading today. Check back on Thursday to see what I thought about all the books I read last month.

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