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This blog has now been around for four years! It’s a little crazy to think about all that has happened during that time. I’ve moved twice and had a child. I’ve also published four (soon to be five) books. And it all started with the drive to keep up with this website.

I’ve always wanted to write, like I’ve said before. But I didn’t make it a serious goal until four years ago. I read Kristen Lamb’s book; We Are Not Alone, created this blog and ran with it. I started with small goals and then edged them up over time. And now I have created a working flow to create and put out creative projects. But the number one thing that has kept me moving forward is constantly learning from others.

Four years ago, I learned from other writer’s books. I have a substantial library now of books on editing, writing, plotting, publishing, the business side, creating ads, and more. But from the books, I moved to podcasts. And I learned about the possible levels of success and the struggles and mistakes other authors learned from. And similar to podcasts, I am also subscribed to several author newsletters and I watch their webinars and have paid for a few courses.

The indie author community is truly amazing. Everyone is here to help each other and grow together. Because we’re not each other’s competition. There are more than enough readers in the world for us all to work together on this success thing.

Anyway. My point is to say that it is never too late to learn skills in an area you’re passionate about. I was twenty-six when I got serious about my writing. Not to say that I was old or anything, but I could have started sooner if I’d put my mind to it. But life was in the way. Don’t let life get in the way of what you want to do.

Next year, I’m doubling down on learning. I currently have a goal of one craft book per month. I’m going to increase it to two books per month. And I also want to add webinars or other video courses. I want to spend more time increasing my knowledge so that I can produce the best books possible. I feel like my process has gotten fairly efficient, but I know there is still room for improvement.

I hope my rambling thoughts were inspiring in some way. Check back on Thursday for the last installment of the Death is a Roommate story. If there is anything on my blog that you like that you’d like to see more of, let me know. I’m planning on revamping the website in the new year and making it more professional, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I should keep and what’s not working. Thanks for reading 🙂

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