Let’s Talk Scary Movies

I love scary movies. I like the adrenaline rush from being startled. And I like to know I’m not alone in my crazy thoughts since I write creepy stuff too.

The first scary movie I remember watching was Nightmare on Elm Street. The old one with Johnny Depp. And I remember having nightmares about it (lol) and not wanting to go to sleep for days. And you’d think that would have put me off, but no. I wanted more.

The next scary movie I remember watching was The Sixth Sense. And this one wasn’t exactly ‘scary’ to me, but the twist at the end had me talking about it for days. And when I started to write stories, I remember wanting to have a twist like that. I wanted to have people shocked at what happened at the end just like I was.

What about you? What movies introduced you to the horror genre? What scary movie is your favorite?

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