October Reads

Thirteen books for the month of October! Which brings my total for the year up to 79! So, let’s get down to the books.

The Awakening by Cate Tiernan
Words cannot express how sad I am that this is where the audiobooks end. I was tearing through them. Ugh.
Anyway. A lot of revelations in this one and I’m loving how the changes are affecting everyone and they’re all working through it. The good and the bad.
Morgan is really seeing things for what they are and I love her journey. Now I’ll have to get the ebooks to finish the series.

The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher
Wow. This one went places. A lot of them dark and disturbing.
The twist once we realize who Juno is! Oh man, I wasn’t ready.
But this book had twist after twist and it took me some time to really wrap my mind around everything that happened. Wow.
I’m still reeling.
Make this a movie please.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Here’s one classic I’m finally getting around to reading.
It was a little weird to get into, but once I got into the flow, it had me cracking up.
I really enjoyed the humor and completely understand the hype. So many jokes I’ve heard over the years now make way more sense.
No, I haven’t seen the movie. Guess I have to now. But if you’ve put off reading this, stop and go read it.

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo
I enjoyed this book as a trilogy finisher. All the way until the end. I’m a little mad at it to be honest.
But I can’t go into more detail without spoilers. But ugh. It’s a little frustrating. BUT there was some nice action, crazy moments, and some WHAT?! No way! moments. Haha. And I’m glad I picked up this series. I will definitely have to read more of Bardugo’s stuff.

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
This was a deep and rivetting tale. Gruesome and horrifying at times, but it was about a period of history that was gruesome and horrifying. So it was just right.
The twist on the railroad was particularly well written and I couldn’t put this one down. I had tears in my eyes more than once.
I look forward to reading more of his work.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab
I loved this book.
Selling your soul to the devil, but playing your own game with him – perfection.
Addie deals with so much heartache and fear and hardship throughout her long life. I would gladly read about the entire thing, even the mundane bits.
Her sacrifice at the end was amazing and had me crying.
Loved it.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
This was a dark and twisted masterpiece. I went into it blind and no idea what I was going to be put through.
The emotional depth had me reeling. Even when I thought I’d figured out the whodunnit aspect of the story, I couldn’t get enough. And then I guessed wrong (partly) and I was thrown off balance all over again.
I do hope Camille got better in the end. Her trauma was intense.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
This was a beautifully written tale of horror. The rhythm of the story had me hooked from page one.
Some parts were lost on me, probably from it being on audio, but most of the imagery was creepy and bordered on horrifying.
The boys were daring to the point of reckless, but they took on the carnival, anyway. Even with different goals in mind. And Mr. Halloway really won the day by being there for his son.
Enjoyable read.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
Oh my.
This book was dumb.
I listened to it on audio or I probably wouldn’t have finished it.
A weak girl who just wants love and a damaged boy she thinks she can fix.
What a waste of time, paper, and thought. Never again.

Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead
A fun to read book about a fascinating place and time in history.
The culture and personality were very rich and I couldn’t put it down.
The times of drama or fear were lightened by the mentions of the future- like how he’d found the gun under the couch in a few weeks.
My favorite line had to do with Sunday mornings at church. “Blasphemers on one side of the family, skeptics on the other. And they both liked to sleep in.”

A Curious Mind by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman
This book was a little different. Had some interesting bits and made me laugh once in a while. Not sure what made me pick it in the first place. But I’m not upset I read it. It was a solidly okay read. But that’s all I can really say about it.

Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis
This one was okay as well. She had some really insightful things to say here and there. Some of it was fluff, though. And she said in the beginning she didn’t want to get preachy, but then ended up being pretty preachy throughout the entire thing. Gave me some perspective on some stuff I also have dealt with, though.

Crank it Out by C.S. Lakin
Another book on productivity and I’m honestly feeling like if you read one, you’ve read them all. Not to say the tips weren’t helpful, just that I’ve read them all before. Not a terrible book, but maybe better suited to someone new to the game.

Proud of the total books I read this month. Most of them were audio, but a few were physical reads, too. Hopefully, I can get a few more book books in before the end of the year. We’re almost there! How are you doing with your reading goals for the year?

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