Reading Lists

My 2021 reading list was very ambitious. I had thirty titles on it and still had space for a few more. I thought I was going to delve into poetry and read some popular nonfiction titles. I planned on reading more on marketing my books. But that’s not quite how it worked out.

I marked off fifteen of the thirty books. Which isn’t bad. I’ve read way more than those fifteen books, so I’m still counting this year as a reading win. But it’s shown me I need to be more intentional in the books I pick for my reading list. I picked books because I heard about them on a podcast or Amazon’s home page recommended them. And that’s not how I find books for myself. I also think I was rushing too much to have a finished reading list.

For 2022, I’m going to pick better books for myself. Not to say the books I didn’t read weren’t good, they just didn’t appeal to me at all during the last twelve months. I’m working on that list now, and I have quite a large group of books to pick from. Especially since this is going to be a year focused on learning.

But I would like to hear from you guys. What books did you read this year that totally rocked your socks off? Anything you are dying to tell someone about? A book that made you run out and gush about it to your friends, even the ones that aren’t readers? Let me know. Maybe I’ll add them to my list and you can talk about them with me 🙂

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