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Price changes are a pain. We’ve been spending more time changing prices than we’ve spent putting up freight or cleaning the store. And somehow, they’re never all done and we still end up doing price overrides for customers because the shelf says something different than what it rings up.

As you can imaging, this has caused several arguments and frustrated customers and employees alike. And the people yelling the loudest are the ones with the $1 item ringing up $1.10. I know, I know, we need to get the price fixed, but it’s only ten cents. Is it really worth all the shouting? Especially when we were going to change it anyway?

But a specific story today – Some boxers are marked clearance for $5.

Assistant manager: *Scans one packages of boxers*
-Neither one of them look at the screen yet-
Assistant: Okay, let me go make sure.
Customer: *Storms ahead of her and points at the tag*
Assistant: Okay, yes. I see it.
-Return to the counter and realize the boxers actually rang up $4.75-
Assistant: Oh, they scan $4.75, but since the shelf says $5, I’ll change it
Customer: Oh, no ma’am!


Maybe one day people won’t feel the need to be rude over little things like that. Because a calm comment would have gotten her a lot further and it would have gone smoother. But oh well.


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