Retail Rant Episode 40

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Okay, so I’m still in retail. Surprise! And I hate to complain (no, really, I do. It’s just so easy to do in this situation) but it’s still a pain in my ass. But today I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of ranting about things customers have done lately (well, I do have a short one) I’m going to talk about some things I hate most about being the boss. And I’m sure some of these things translate into other industries, but I’ve only ever been the boss in retail, so *shrug*.

First and foremost, I despise being the person to handle customer complaints. Obviously. I usually can hold in my anger, but sometimes people are just… so dumb.
Second to that, I hate being the one to handle when two employees aren’t getting along. Come on guys, this isn’t high school and we’re not here to be friends. Just do your work.
And similar to that, I can’t stand it when I’ve had employees act like they just knew sooo much more than me. I’ve been a manager since I was 19. Several employees of mine didn’t want to listen to me or respect me simply because I’m young. They were always determined to act like they were so mature and knew better, but in the simple act of ignoring what I had to say (or rolling their eyes when I turned around) they were showing how not mature they were.
And lastly, I am endlessly irritated when they can’t answer a message. If you can’t come in early or on your day off, that’s fine. But answer me. If you don’t want to work here anymore, cool. But answer me. If you’re sick and have been told how long you need to stay home, great. But answer me. If you tell me no, I will not cry. I will not fall to the ground and throw a tantrum like my toddler. I will survive. But I need the answer.

Okay. Now to the customer story.

I’m at the back of the store working freight. I’m in the zone, not paying much attention to people around me. APPARANTLY these two women have walked past me several times and one of them is holding a small dog. I didn’t notice. I was working.
Well, when they got to the register, my assistant told them they weren’t supposed to have a dog in the store. They argued. Said I saw them and didn’t say anything (because I didn’t notice the tiny rat dog tucked under her arm, my bad) and she didn’t need to be so rude about it blah blah where’s the manager?
So, she comes to find me. Tells me ‘that girl up there’ was just so rude and disrespectful and she didn’t need to be treated like that and she could have just said she wasn’t allowed to have the dog in the store. (I kept it to myself that she probably did say that and then you argued and that’s what started this, but shhh…) And I say, “Okay, I’ll talk to her about it.”
But that’s not good enough for her. She says, “Okay, but I want to file a complaint. Where’s the form *mimes writing on paper* for me to do that?”
I stare blankly at this woman for a moment because I don’t think she could be serious. Are there stores you can file paper complaints in? Is that a thing? This woman is not very much older than I am, so it can’t be a generational difference. Finally, I realize she’s not kidding and I say, “This right here *motions hand between her and me* is filing the complaint. I said I’ll talk to her.”
She rolls her eyes and stomps away. And I’m left feeling really confused and irritated. Mostly because A) I’m sure my assistant just told her she couldn’t have the dog, and she got mad about it and B) What is this paper complaint thing she’s talking about?

Okay, that’s all. Let’s all hold our breath for the day I can finally quit this job. It’s aging me and making me cranky, haha.


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