Shadow People

chair on abandoned place with a spotlight coming from outside
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So, I’ve been thinking about creepy things, as usual. And I stumbled across this lovely woman on TikTok who talks about folklore and mythological beasties. And she really makes ya think.

A recent video she posted talked about the shadow people. And this came from a collective memory people have about being in a car as a child and watching the ‘shadow man’ do parkour alongside the car. I remember doing this and I remember being told it was just my imagination.


It’s got me thinking about something else from my childhood. Let me preface by saying I’m the middle child of my family, so I played alone a lot and made up games and all that jazz. So, this very well could have been all in my head. But either way… it’s creepy.

When I was a kid, I would swear tiny people were watching me. And talking about me. And I could ‘hear’ them observing my every move. And plotting to take me away when no one was looking.
Probably something I made up. But I’m a weird ass kid for doing that, don’t you think?

That’s all I wanted to mention today. Haha. Come back Thursday for another short horror story.

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