Story Cubes #7

The Cubes: germ, dino fossil, snake, rain clouds, puzzle piece, crab, ladder, camera, speedometer


         Disclaimer: This one is going to be a little silly. Boyfriend helped me brainstorm after I rolled the dice and he said, “Look, it’s 2020. Just write about that.” So, it’s not necessarily a story this time, just blurbs. Some are a little random and some are a stretch, but mostly I just want him to know that the puzzle piece being “the trials of man” sounded dumb, and I made it something else. But thanks for the help anyway, haha.



Yes, that is a picture of my computer screen. I was having a tough day and I couldn’t get the images to do what I wanted. Sometimes this is the best we can do. I guess I could have taken the week off, but I had fun putting this together, so I figured it was still worth sharing.

2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year, so it’s only fitting that a few of my year-end blog posts reflect that mood.

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