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Cover Reveal

My new book is ready for preorder and will be out on July 31st! And look at this beautiful cover! I love it so much, I can’t stop staring at it. If you’d like to read two prequel scenes, visit… Read More »Cover Reveal

Shameless Self Promo

So. This book came out on February 28th. Anyway. On Thursday, I’ll ramble about my writing process some more. And I wrote this collection of short stories using that writing process. Just sayin.

Cover Reveal

Surprise!! On February 28th, my new book will be available. It’s a collection of short stories that have already been posted here, but I wanted to compile them into book form.

Storms and Lightning

A friend featured my book on his bookstagram and I couldn’t be more flattered. It’s so pretty!! Go show him some love!! He has some amazing pictures.