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Retail Life

Hey, I’m still here and still in retail. Still testing my patience every day. Trying to keep my cool in the face of ignorance and stubbornness. The refusal to believe maybe they read the sign wrong and it could possibly,… Read More »Retail Life

Retail Rant 37

I’ve worked in retail for eleven and a half years. And I’ve learned to keep my cool where other people would yell. I can hold it together and smile and say, ‘have a nice day!’ no matter how much I… Read More »Retail Rant 37

Retail Life #27

*SCREAMS!*          Oh, lovely humans. Some days in retail are so nice. Customers help each other out, someone in line helps cover the change if the person at the register is short, and no one destroys the clothes section. And… Read More »Retail Life #27