Texas and Creepy Places

I’m back with my creepy time research of my place of residence. And the favorite from this article is close enough that I can go visit for myself. I’ll report back with my findings 馃檪

3) Hell’s Gate at River Legacy Park

Dayland Shannon/Flickr

In Arlington deep in the forests of River Legacy Park, you will find an ancient trail surrounded by boggy swamps and overhanging trees. At the end of this trail, there’s supposedly a large dirt mound in the exact spot where members of the Union Army were executed. If you dare to venture to the spot, you will find parts of the posts that once formed the gate that opened to a tree where the prisoners were hanged. Because of all the tormented spirits still lurking here, it was deemed “Hell’s Gate.” If you walk along the trail, you can still hear the desperate cries and prayers of the men and women who took their last steps on Earth here.


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I’d love to hear about creepy stories from where you are in the world. Tell me about your hauntings and monsters in the comments.

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