Under Construction

photo of road signage
Photo by Athena on Pexels.com

As we move into the second quarter, it’s time to work on the next set of goals. At the beginning of the year, I redesigned my website. It was complicated and frustrating, but worth it in the end.

Now I’m on to the next part – putting a store on my website for direct sales. This is also complicated and frustrating, haha. But I’m determined to figure it out. So, this is me letting everyone know that some weird pages are going to pop up, disappear, appear blank… all the lovely things. I plan to have it done before the end of April, so the transition shouldn’t be too long. Just wanted to give you all the heads-up.

And now that I’ve pulled my hair out over this for the last hour, I’m going to go be creative for awhile.

Thanks for reading – Come back Thursday for a short story.

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