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My next book, Under the Dark Moon, is coming out on October 15th! This is the first book in the Empire City Witches series. I’m so excited for this book! You can preorder it now, by clicking here.

In anticipation of the release, I’d like to share a few deleted scenes with you.


The train platform was just as loud and chaotic as Farrah remembered. Grown adults hurried from one souvenir station to the next to collect all the random items they could fit in their pockets. Farrah heard one giggle excitedly and pick up a fake wand. Farrah rolled her eyes and returned her attention to her tablet. 

The first list she pulled up had the names of everyone to guard the train station. She tapped their activate button and waited. They’d all been sent the memos and were waiting on the time to report. They would arrive within ten minutes of activation. Maybe she’d get a cup of coffee, but one glance at the line to the concession stand made her change her mind. 

Maybe she’d get one after the first train left to get through the nawn. 

“Officer Adam Short reporting, ma’am.”

Farrah managed to not jump from his sudden appearance. She looked him up and down, a thin man in an oversized uniform. But he seemed eager enough, so what could she do?

“Badge number?” 

He spouted it out and she verified it against her list. 

“Okay. You’re on the ticket station. And don’t call me ma’am.”

The words ‘yes, ma’am’ died on his lips and he nodded before dashing towards the ticket booth. 

Farrah’s shoulders sagged. This was going to be a long morning. 


“Okay,” Sadie pushed the conference room door open with her butt and kept her focus on the two cups of coffee she carried into the room. “Here’s your iced vanilla, extra shot of espresso.” She set one cup in front of Raven. “And my caramel cinnamon with almond milk.” 

Raven wrinkled her nose at Sadie’s cup and then took a sip of her own. “Yum. Thank you.” 

Sadie stirred her cup and watched the colors swirl together before she took a drink. “So, did we get the number for Jaxon?” 

Raven flipped through her notes and found it. “Here’s what’s on record. Fingers crossed he hasn’t changed it since,” she squinted, “five years ago.” 

Sadie tugged the office phone closer to them and dialed. She hit the speaker phone button and they waited while it rang. And rang. And rang. 

“Can’t believe the jerk has a twin,” Raven muttered. 

Right as the line picked up. “Hello?” The man cleared his throat and tried again with less phlegm. “Hello?” 

Sadie and Raven exchanged a look. 

“Uh, hi, we’re looking for Jaxon Hart?” Sadie said. 

“You found him. What can I do for you?” 

“Oh, good. My name is Raven Ward and she’s Sadie Barker. We’re from the Empire City Temple. There’s been an incident with Jaylon-”

Jaxon interrupted her with a groan. “What’s he done now?” 

They were stunned into silence for a moment. 

There was the sound of cloth shifting around and a creak of springs. 

“Look,” Jaxon said, “I’ve just gone to bed. I live in Japan. I got as far away from my good-for-nothing twin the second I had the chance. I know he’s worthless and he has gotten into a lot, and I mean a lot, of trouble his entire life. I don’t want anything to do with him. I don’t know anything about him anymore. He tried to pull me down with him one too many times.” 

Raven’s jaw dropped. 

“Oh,” Sadie said at last. “Well, you pretty much covered all the answers we needed. Sorry to wake you.” 

Jaxon sighed. “Sorry to go off on you like that. I didn’t mean anything to you two ladies. I just thought I’d gotten away from the guilty by association of my childhood.”

“Of course,” Raven said. “We weren’t expecting you to be involved. We’re just trying to find Jaylon and are following any possible trails right now.” 

“I understand. He’s a slippery one. I wish you the best of luck, but I need to get back to bed.” 

“Right. Thanks for your help.”

He hung up before they could say anything else. 

Sadie giggled nervously. “Well…. That went… well.” 


Agnes barely flinched when Meredith appeared next to her. They were at the edge of the roof of a condemned building on the outskirts of a leech neighborhood. Agnes shifted her hands around her eyes, using an enchantment to see further and then nudged Meredith with her shoulder. 

“Did I scare you?” Meredith asked. She knelt next to her sister and held her own hands up to her face.

“No, I felt you coming.” 

“What are we looking at?” Meredith adjusted her gaze and couldn’t tell what was so great about this area. 

“Just observing. Watching the behavior. Getting any information that might help.” 

“Seen anything good so far?” 

Agnes shrugged and lowered her hands. She rocked back on her heels and rubbed her eyes. “Not anything in particular. They’re somewhere in between a nonmagical community and a magical one. Some people have a little bit of power. Others are selling what they’ve stolen. And there’s other creatures lurking around. I saw a few gnomes and a pixie. But they’re just… living.”

“Gotcha. Got any more work to do? Or can we break for lunch?” 

“Break for lunch?” Agnes laughed. “You just got here.”

“Yeah, but I was with Nadine and Lydia all morning.” 

Agnes shrugged. “Yeah, okay. After lunch we can go somewhere else to observe.” 



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