Woe is Me

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Back in January, I worked really hard to redo my website. I transferred over to the .org of WordPress and paid for hosting. I spent hours figuring out which layout and color scheme to use and tried my hardest (and failed) to build an online store. And lately I have found myself asking… for what?

I have next to no views. Zero likes and comments (that aren’t spam). Does anyone even see my posts if I don’t share them on facebook? I’m starting to think not. I had at least 100 followers before I switched over here, and it says they are here still… but I don’t think they are.

If you’re here, prove me wrong.

Anyway. I’m debating on switching back to .com. Or building a new website all together. I’ve been looking into author tips on websites. And then I could just… share the link on the .com and the .org pages and hopefully get people moved over? I don’t know. I just know I used to have at least a handful of likes each time I posted and it let me know my time was well spent on these posts. And when I don’t get any reactions it makes me think I should give up on the blog and focus on other things.

But I enjoy writing blog posts. I like my retail rants and my short stories. But maybe the time has passed for this blog and I’ll put them on Patreon or substack or medium instead. I know I still need a website for book info. But maybe it’s time to rethink the blog.

If you see this, let me know what you think. Give me a sign if I should remain here or move the blog elsewhere.

That’s all. Check back Thursday for a retail rant.

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