• Retail Life Episode 7

    Why don’t people realize when they smell bad? And I’m not just talking about body odor. I mean when they smell like they rolled around on the floor with their wet dog while their cat was peeing on top of them. Gross, I know, and I wish I could say I’ve only had to smell […]

  • Life Changes

    Up until a week ago, I was living with my best friends. Our lease was coming to an end and for a month and a half we were trying to find a new house to move into. We searched, we viewed, we applied and we came up with nothing. We did everything right. We had […]

  • When the Rains Came Part 6

    “Are you sure you’re okay?” Trey asked Annie for the fifth time as he got his gym bag packed. “Yeah. Just tired, like I told you. I didn’t get any sleep.” Annie was staring out the balcony window to where she’d seen the man disappear. The police hadn’t turned anything up yet. She didn’t have […]

  • Reader’s Oasis Books

    Once upon a vacation, I was in Quartzsite, Arizona with some of my family. We were visiting our grandmother at her winter house. There’s not a whole lot to do out there, but we had a good time all the same. There’s a small cafe that was delicious. There’s the Gem World store that sells […]

  • When The Rains Came Part 5

      That night, Annie stood on the balcony of Trey’s apartment, unable to sleep. She twirled the bluebonnet stem between her fingers as she watched the sky. It was about to rain. As the first drops fell, Annie retreated back under the awning but stayed outside to watch the storm. Even with the recent disaster […]