• When the Rains Came Part 11

    “We all made it back. We’re safe. Take a deep breath,” Annie was trying to comfort Drew. He was rocking back and forth in her kitchen chair, staring at the floor with a blank expression. “But those people… All those homes… Children…” “Drew!” Stephen walked up and slapped his face. “Snap out of it!” “Hey!” […]

  • When the Rains Came Part 10

    Storm Season Day 51 We’re going out to the sinkhole today. As much as I want to have an answer to all of this, a small part of me hopes we find nothing. I don’t want to put anyone at risk. We already have too many missing. I’d blame myself if we lost another. I’m […]

  • When the Rains Came Part 9

    “I’d like to first thank Annie,” Drew waved towards where she sat at the back of the kitchen, “for letting us have this emergency meeting in her apartment. Second, I’d like to thank all of ya’ll for coming on such short notice. I know we’re usually hunkered down when a storm is blowing in, but […]


    Continuing on my journey with this amazing website. I’ve subscribed to the podcast and have been listening to it on my drive to and from work everyday. I’ve also gotten a few more articles in on my reading. So that brings us to… Progress Report • What obstacles have you faced over the past year? […]