• DIY MFA Prompt

                    I’ve spent some time perusing old DIY MFA articles again and came across a few writing prompts. What are my writing successes for last year? The post was all about being able to physically measure your success and achievements. Solid numbers make a big difference instead of just “Oh, I wrote a draft of […]

  • Baby Update

    Baby Update

                    “Go ahead and lie down on the table,” the sonogram tech said, closing the door behind us.                 I sat down and gradually got myself flat on the table. I pulled my shirt up and Liam giggled, covering his eyes.                 “What?” Ricky said. “It’s just her belly.” Liam giggled again.                 “So, would […]

  • Experiment TCA-276 (pt 1)

    *New short story I’m putting together for you. This will be another first draft posting like my story When the Rains Came. Hope you enjoy :)*                 Morgan watched the steady drip of coffee fall into her cup. She went cross-eyed for a moment before shaking her head and stretching. The shift in her sleeping […]

  • Last Month’s Reads

    I read SEVEN books in December. That’s pretty awesome, in my opinion. I was trying really hard to get to my goal of 50 books for the year. I was a few short, but I think I did well overall. So, what did I read? The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson […]

  • Retail Life Episode 9

    “Is this all you have left?” Every last minute shopper on any holiday So the holiday season has come and past and my favorite question to be asked will be dropped for awhile. (Until Vday and Easter come around, then we just start the vicious cycle all over again.)  I understand that not everyone can […]