• Retail Life Episode 10

            People                 Why is it that people tend to think that the person behind the register is there to just be a verbal punching bag? What makes them think it’s okay to just say whatever they want? No matter how hurtful or rude? Did I miss the memo declaring us not real people? I […]

  • Experiment TCA-276 (pt 2)

                    “This is case number 55-8360, Robert Holt. The body is that of a malnourished and diseased seventy-two year old Caucasian male with grey hair and brown eyes. The body is 73 inches long and weighs 145 pounds.” Rita spoke into the microphone clipped to her lab coat as Morgan took notes. “Diagnosed with […]

  • DIY MFA Book Club Prompts

    I’ve gotten a little behind on the book club prompts, but only because I had to honor my reality for a bit. We just moved into a new house, and that takes up a lot of your free time. Especially when I didn’t have any time off from the day job to get things done. […]

  • January’s Reads

    For the month of January, I met my reading goal of four books. Two of which were on my reading list for this six-month period. I generally try to read one comp title and one context book within my four. I accomplished this and they were the two titles I marked off my reading list. […]