March 2020

My Writing Space

Here’s one half of my writing area This week my blog post is about my creative process so I thought you might be interested to see where the “magic” happens

Story Cube #2

“Everyone clear on the plan?” Dad asked.  “Yup,” Mom said and I nodded.   “Okay, let’s get set. See you both at the boat.” Dad gave us each a hug and a kiss before he ducked under the flap of our… Read More »Story Cube #2

Story Cubes

I rolled the dice and here are my story cubes for this weeks blog post. Come back Thursday to see what I came up with 🙂

February Reads

February was another successful month of reading for me. My obsession with Sherlock Holmes remained however, and they make up most of my books for the month. But I promise, it’s done now and next month will have new things… Read More »February Reads