June 2020

Retail Life 23

Let me preface this story by letting everyone know that our company’s return policy has changed. Most companies have done this, actually. In light of covid-19, we are not accepting returns or exchanges. Obviously, this has caused quite a few… Read More »Retail Life 23

Story Cubes #4

“Are you sure you’re supposed to get near that thing?” Sally asked.   Her brother, Jim, ignored her and hopped the fence into the strange garden. Right in the center stood a huge cactus. The only one he’d ever seen. He… Read More »Story Cubes #4

Tarot Card Prompt #2

The Cards  Ace of Swords (reversed): Not allowing yourself to see what matters most  Six of Cups: Optimism. Open to possibilities. Willing to learn.   The world (reversed): Realization of your true self. Slowdown of events to see the truth.   Two of… Read More »Tarot Card Prompt #2