• In Spite of it All (Blurbs)

    Life can be a struggle. Everyone knows that terrible things happen to good people. Could be physical abuse, could be social prejudice, or it could be a monster hunting for your blood. And yet, we must press on and overcome, in spite of it all. When the Rains Came – An ancient being destroys anyone […]

  • In Spite of it All (Cover)

    My book! In Spite of it All, a collection of short fiction, will be available for purchase THIS FRIDAY!!

  • Get Rowdy

    Considering it might be a long time before I can be in a crowd like this again, I have to live through music videos 🙁

  • Retail Life Episode 24

    Oh, the sweet public. The generous, loving, patient general public. Where are they? Because they sure don’t shop at my store. One in ten customers are nice lately. And that’s better than none, but still. I’d like to not have to bite my tongue at least twenty times a minute to keep myself from saying […]

  • Retail Work

  • Coming Soon!!

    You can now Pre-order!!! Available on July 31st!!

  • Story Cubes #5

             Jared sat in the holding cell with his head in his hands. He’d really screwed it up this time. What would people say now?          “Mr. Anderson, your parents are here.” The sheriff opened the cell door.          “I’m really sorry, sir,” Jared said as he walked past him.          “A little late for […]

  • Story Cubes

    Wrote another short story with the cubes. Come back Thursday to check it out!

  • Coming Soon!!

  • June Reads

                Another month, another four books down. I read another two books off my overall reading list and I’m feeling excited about achieving my goals this year. Dune by Frank Herbert          This is one of my friend’s favorite books. I watched him read it more than once and I knew I had to see […]