• Description Writing Tips

    Here’s a short video I found that gives some great tips on writing better descriptions using your senses.

  • Description Writing

    I’ve decided I need to try to expand on my description abilities. I feel like its something I leave out too often because I see it in my head, and I forget that other people can’t see it too. I don’t remember the last time I described how a character looked in a first or…

  • New Craft Book Alert

    Got this book in recently. I hope it helps me develop better skills in describing the setting and characters in my books. Also, had to include my cheat day candy bar 🙃

  • Fitness

    Not exactly dancy, but it was still fun. Relates to the short story posted on Thursday. I tried it out, and I broke a sweat. I ended up having to hold the needy child halfway through though, so I’m sure that added to the workout haha

  • Tarot Cards 3

    The Cards 0 The Fool—A Person driven by base urges and needs. Two of Wands—Self-doubt. At cross purposes with something. Four of Wands—Teamwork Seven of Cups—Imagination and opening your mind Seven of Wands—Push beyond usual limits to exceed expectations *I struggled a little coming up with a story for these cards. Sorry in advance if…

  • Tarot Card Exercise

    Short story on Thursday using these cards as a prompt!

  • Out Now!

  • Retail Life #25

             So I’ve concluded that I might need a vacation. I’m a little too grouchy all the time. Either that or everyone else is too grouchy and want to take it out on the poor retail workers. Because we’re supposed to just let people yell at us and give them their way all the time.…

  • Customer Complaints

  • Out Now!