• Writing Tips 4

    I’m deep into the plotting of my new series that I hope to write in the next year. And as I’ve been working through my plotting process in real time, I’ve been making notes to include in the book I hope to have out this fall and thought I’d compile a bit of it here…

  • Character Time

    This week I’m going to talk about how I discover my characters when plotting a book. And I have a super hot tip on how to handle writers block! Check back on Thursday to read about it!

  • Birdbox Challenge

    Have you tried this yet? How good are the rest of your senses if you take away your sight?

  • Senses Exercise 5

    **When we are intensely using one of our senses, we sometimes block out the other sense, for example, closing our eyes when we experience an intense sound, taste, smell, or touch.**          At first, she’d thought the blindfold being tugged over her eyes had been a prank. Justin was always doing stuff like that and…

  • Blindfold Test

    This week I explore another exercise with the senses. A blindfold makes you rely more on your other senses. Can you smell and feel your way out of a bad situation? Check back Thursday to see what happens.

  • Jammy Jams

    The subtitles give me life.

  • Life Update

             I was all set to work on a writing exercise today, but I think I need to pause and do a personal update this week instead. Quite a bit has changed since the beginning of the year and I need to take a moment to reflect, catch up, and evaluate.          On the personal…

  • Workspace Updates

    Tiny tot is going to take over from now on. You’re all in good hands, haha Anyway, had a few changes in my writing life, and Thursday I’ll go more in depth. But for starters, I work at the kitchen table now, my desk was too small for all my big ideas 💡

  • Dreamcatcher

    Now that I’ve read this book I’m going to have to go back and watch the movie again. So, here’s the trailer for all of you to watch and get creeped out.

  • March Reads

    March was a great month for reading! I read seven books and two were on my reading list for the year. I’ve read seventeen books so far this year and I’m right on track to meet my goal of fifty-five, if not surpass it. But I still won’t get my hopes up, just in case…