May 2021

Smile Dog

On Thursday, there will be a little story about something that is definitely not a dog hanging out with some kids. Their parents weren’t too happy about it either.

A Bit Gruesome

A brutal song with a gory video. I felt it matched pretty well with this week’s writing exercise. Proceed with caution; not for the faint of heart (teehee)

Attack at the Museum

            Jessica, Michelle, Steven, and Joel pushed a curtain aside and entered the last room of the museum. The walls curved up into a dome with rafters crossing the open area; the skylight highlighting the red rug in the center.… Read More »Attack at the Museum

Movie Love

In case you’d never heard of Practical Magic before now, here’s the trailer to get you interested.

April Reads

Another successful month of reading under my belt. I read five books and marked another off my reading list. Two were physical books, but I’m coming to love audiobooks more and more. Especially because this month I finally got a… Read More »April Reads