• Nonfiction Launch

    Just a quick update today. My first attempt at nonfiction will be available to the public tomorrow! If you enjoyed any of my posts on writing craft or my tips on brainstorming, I hope you consider picking up a copy. Thank you all for your support over the years 🙂

  • Death is a Roommate pt 3

    Olivia hounded me for Scott’s phone number. I couldn’t figure out how to tell her he didn’t have a phone. Or, if he did, I had no idea what the number was. Because he must have some way of communication with that watch that had appeared out of nowhere at the dinner party. I couldn’t […]

  • Retail Life 35

    A quick retail rant because I’m not feeling very creative today… One: if you misread a sign and I’m trying to explain to you what it’s supposed to be, don’t cuss me out and storm off. Sign reads “Buy 2 get 1 free, tanks, shorts and sandals.” You buy two pairs of PANTS and a […]

  • Death is a Roommate 2

    Scott moved in the next day. Well, I say moved in, but he arrived the next morning with one small suitcase and a large bag slung over one shoulder. And apparently that was all he needed because he didn’t make a second trip and he never mentioned anything about having anything else. But I suppose […]