September 2021

Plot Your Novel

At the beginning of the year, I put out several blog posts with writing tips. Over the summer, I compiled them and turned them into a short writing guide. And on Friday, that book will be out to the public.… Read More »Plot Your Novel

I Miss This Band

Stupid covid has held me back from seeing live music. It’s held musicians back from getting together to work. And I’d just like to say that I super miss this band.

News and Things

Another lovely Tuesday has arrived. And even though I wish I was still in bed sleeping, I’m here updating you lovely people 🙂 I’m excited to announce my nonfiction book is up for preorder on amazon. Waiting on the cover… Read More »News and Things


I love Kesha and I love this song. And that’s all I have to say about it 🙂

Retail Life 35

A quick retail rant because I’m not feeling very creative today… One: if you misread a sign and I’m trying to explain to you what it’s supposed to be, don’t cuss me out and storm off. Sign reads “Buy 2… Read More »Retail Life 35