Pre-Release Update

Today is the last day to preorder The Sweet Water Affliction for the discounted price of $2.99! Release day is the 30th! Or you can get the paperback tomorrow for $13.99 if you really love me 😉

*Edited to update* There’s been an issue with the all might zon that has kept me from putting the paperback up for sale on time. Hopefully Tuesday will really be the release date. I’m very upset right now.

The prequel scenes are also still available here


Elijah is trying to be the best big brother he can be. With mom and dad gone, he’s all Jenna has.

But who plans for kidnapping scientists and world-bending experiments?

Something strange is happening in Sweet Water, and no one wants to be the first one to point fingers. But when Jenna is taken from him, Elijah has to get to the bottom of the town’s weird rumors if he ever wants the chance to see her again. And he has to be smart about it if he wants to survive.

When scientists push the boundaries of our dimension, how will the breech effect a small town? Will Elijah figure out the secret before it’s too late?

He’s never been the one to stick out his neck, but you have to fight for the ones you love. Even against the toughest, and strangest, odds.

Pick up The Sweet Water Affliction to see how it all ends.


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