Retail Rant 38

So, I’m still in retail. Humph. But that means more amusing stories for your enjoyment!

First, I have a grumpy guy. And I don’t know if he was trying to pull one on me or if he was really this stupid. But I guess we’ll never know.
He brought two PlayStation cards up to me for $10 each, threw them on the counter and then slammed down a crumpled wad of money and quarters. He said “There’s $20 there.”
I scan the cards and then count the money. There are seven ones and then the quarters. I tell him it’s not $20.
He rolls his eyes and starts counting the quarters. I say, “This is only $7 and those quarters won’t make it $20.”
He glares at me. “There was a ten there.”
I fan out the ones. “This is seven ones. No tens.”
“Well, I’m not coming back here then! I counted my money. I had $20!” He snatches up his money and leaves.
A little time goes by and then he comes back in, yelling all the way to the counter. “I counted it twice! I have $20! I want those PlayStation cards!”
He puts the money back down. I count it again. It is still only seven ones and $3 in quarters.
He says, “No, I had a ten.”
I say, “Sir, there is no ten here. Only ones and quarters.”
He glares at me for a long time, and I stare back at him. Then he rolls his eyes and pulls a ten out of his other pocket and throws it at me. He says, “I told you I had a ten.”
“Yes, but you never gave it to me. You have to give me the money to pay for your stuff.”
After a little more arguing because apparently he can’t just admit that he never gave me the ten, I tell him I don’t have to sell him the PlayStation cards if he’s going to keep yelling at me. He shuts up; I finish the sale and he leaves.

Whatever dude.

I also have some general complaints about couponers. Step one: Read your damn coupons! Step two: read the coupon rules for the store you’re shopping at. Step three: pay with accepted currency.
Because I am tired of showing people what the coupon actually applies to when they have a basket of the wrong stuff. And I don’t enjoy arguing with people about why their extra $5 didn’t come off when they clearly didn’t follow the guidelines to get the $5 off. And I’m sorry, but we don’t accept money from Guatamala or Mexico or Canada or anywhere else besides America. Them’s the rules. Sorry not sorry.

Anyway. Glad Christmas is almost over and we can get back to the normal crazies instead of the holiday rudeness.

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