February 2022

Editing Tips #1

As I work on my second non-fiction project, I’m going to share snippets with you as I did last year with Plot Your Novel. This year I’m focusing on the editing process. I gave you a quick overview back in… Read More »Editing Tips #1

2/22/22 Tuesday

It’s the magical day of all 2s! And also margarita day *sips drink* So, they’re saying it’s a day about new beginnings and change and manifesting dreams and stuff. I’m not so sure how much I believe in all this,… Read More »2/22/22 Tuesday

The Halftime Show

So, I’m a member of the age group that was thrilled by the halftime show lineup. Watched the game specifically to watch the concert at halftime and then turned it off. Haha. So obviously that’s what I would like to… Read More »The Halftime Show

Retail Life

Hey, I’m still here and still in retail. Still testing my patience every day. Trying to keep my cool in the face of ignorance and stubbornness. The refusal to believe maybe they read the sign wrong and it could possibly,… Read More »Retail Life

I’m Tired

My store’s inventory is next week so the day job has been pretty hectic. So today’s post is a little short, but I wanted to check in anyway. Thursday’s post will be a retail rant, I hope you enjoy it.… Read More »I’m Tired


HEY, HEY, HEY! My new book cover is ready for you to see! I love it so much! The preorder is available on Amazon. Other storefronts will be available on launch day, February 28th. Tell me in the comments how… Read More »COVER REVEAL

A Week in the Life

As I’m sure you’ve picked up on, I’ve got a lot of stuff going on with my writing life. I’m constantly working on multiple project because ya girl’s got goals. Haha, sorry not sorry. But I thought I’d take you… Read More »A Week in the Life