March 2022

The Bridge

They say no one’s been to the other side. They say no one knows where it leads. They say it’s impossible to cross, and many have fallen to their death. They say I shouldn’t even think about it… But I… Read More »The Bridge

Author Insights

I’m forever grateful for the videos from the 20Books conference. One day I hope I’ll be able to attend, but for now I’ll watch and learn on youtube. Here’s one I watched this week.

Editing Tips #3

My second round of edits focuses more on the big picture; the developmental edit stage. I look at the story as a whole and make sure, first and foremost, that it makes sense. I make sure every character has a… Read More »Editing Tips #3

Why Me?

Oh, I dread the days like thisWhere I wake as though under waterWith my brain swimming and eyes blurring,When I can’t walk straight Or think straight Or see straight But duty callsUp, for the kids and to get some work… Read More »Why Me?

Polaris, Instrumental

I love this band. But when I’m writing, I find lyrics distracting. So, I was thrilled to discover their albums with just the instrumentals. It’s my new favorite thing to jam while being creative.