April 2022

Piper on TikTok

On Tuesday I mentioned the Shadow People TikTok video. And here it is! The creator is @pipercj and all of her stuff is fascinating and enlightening. Oh, and she’s also an author so you should go buy her book!

Horror Prompt 3

Marien Reed brushed her hair off her forehead and smeared flour on her nose before returning her focus to kneading the dough on the countertop. Her seven-year-old son, Stuart, dashed past her and bumped her leg. “Slow down!”  “Sorry mom!”… Read More »Horror Prompt 3

Shadow People

So, I’ve been thinking about creepy things, as usual. And I stumbled across this lovely woman on TikTok who talks about folklore and mythological beasties. And she really makes ya think. A recent video she posted talked about the shadow… Read More »Shadow People

Getting Anxious

I deal with anxiety on a daily basis. I’ve gotten pretty adept at putting on a mask and being a functioning person when out in public, but there are still situations that make me freeze up. This week, I had… Read More »Getting Anxious

Editing Tips #4

Continuing with my tips for the second round of edits. After I get storyline worked on, I rework description and dialogue. And after I know all these details of my book, I work on my pitch.  Starting with description. Each… Read More »Editing Tips #4

Retail Life 41

If you’ve worked in retail, you’ve had regular customers you loved, you liked, and the ones you couldn’t stand. I’m talking about the ones when you see them walking towards the door you’re already irritated and cringing because you know… Read More »Retail Life 41