June 2022

Retail Rant 43

I have cleaned bodily fluids off floors, shelves, and the walls (yes, the walls.) I’ve found cups of dip spit, buckets someone peed in, and half-eaten cheeseburgers in my store. But nothing has been as gross as what happened to… Read More »Retail Rant 43

Woe is Me

Back in January, I worked really hard to redo my website. I transferred over to the .org of WordPress and paid for hosting. I spent hours figuring out which layout and color scheme to use and tried my hardest (and… Read More »Woe is Me

Gym Workout

Found this playlist through tiktok two years ago and have used it during my workouts ever since. Enjoy!

Editing Tips #6

This is the last installment for editing tips for now. If and when I revamp my process, I will probably update this like I’ve been doing with my writing processes, but for now, this is the end.  Advanced Reader and… Read More »Editing Tips #6

May Reads 2022

The month of May seemed to drag on forever. And as I look back on my reading for the month, my book count agreed. I read eighteen books! A new high for a month’s time. I’m on track to surpass… Read More »May Reads 2022