October 2022

Full Dark pt 2

In the morning, I fiddled with the cheerios in the bottom of my bowl, pushing them under the milk so they had to bob back to the surface like a drowning person. Mom ruffled my hair as she walked by… Read More »Full Dark pt 2

Weekly Author Plans

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/another-good-week?sd=pf Another weekly check in for you. Subscribe to my substack if you want to keep up with my work flow.

Full Dark pt 1

Dad called the house sturdy. A good starter home.  Mom thought it was cute and loved all the cabinets.  I didn’t know about all that. But it had a big yard with a gigantic tree for me to climb and… Read More »Full Dark pt 1

Another Author Update

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/finishing-energy?sd=pf Another update of finishing tasks as we near the end of the year.

Witch Book Day!

Hey, Under the Dark Moon is out now!! And this song was on repeat on my writing soundtrack, so I thought it was only fitting to include it today.

Late night Substack

https://kylieraewriter.substack.com/p/sprinting-to-the-deadline?sd=pf Some writerly behind the scenes of how my brain works through author problems. Subscribe to my substack to continue getting these weekly writer updates because after the new year, I won’t be posting them here any longer.