A Few Changes

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was thinking about adjusting the way I run this blog. And I think I’ve come up with a few options so far that will work for me.

First – I will no longer be updating this site on Tuesdays. Instead, my Tuesday posts will be on my Substack newsletter. You can subscribe to it here
Every Tuesday, I will talk about what I plan to do that week and reflect on what worked or didn’t work the week before. Starting in January, I will also have a paid subscription on Substack that will share old stories I wrote when I was younger with my thoughts on how to make them better and invite subscribers to join in the discussion.

Second – I will share my story posts to Medium as well as here. Depending on the website change I decide on later this year, they might move to solely being shared on Medium. You can follow me on Medium here
If my future website change doesn’t include a blog option, my retail rants and book thoughts will also be on Medium.

Third – My Saturday posts will likely be reposts of my tiktok videos until the end of the year. The new year will start my website changes and I won’t continue posting on Saturdays (unless needed for promotion or announcements). You can follow me on tiktok here
I post all kinds of stuff on tiktok, so who knows what you’ll see.

For now, that’s all I have. Check back Thursday to hear about the books I read last month.

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