A First Meeting


She was adorable, that was for sure. She was adorable and she didn’t seem to know it. I was hooked in an instant.

Our eyes met and a smile lit up her face. Wow. Our eyes met and I thought the wind had been knocked out of me. She glanced away and reached up to push the hair out of her face, still smiling. My gaze traveled down to admire the art decorating her arms. The bright colors and intricate designs led to her hands on the table. Her fingers were intertwined and fiddling nervously. She was nervous.


A hand reached up again to move her hair and I caught her looking again. Her eyes held mine this time and a blush crept into her cheeks. She was blushing. She was looking at me and she was blushing. She was nervous and she was blushing.

Now was the time.

I made my way across the room, trying not to be too eager, and stuck out my hand to her.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m Jack.”

She giggled – giggled! — and shook my hand.

“Hi. Uh. I’m Lilly.”

Her hand was soft. So soft, but she gripped my hand tightly in hers. Her eyes were green. She was still looking at me. Still smiling. Still blushing. Still nervous.