An Ode to Audiobooks


Dear Audiobooks,


Without you in my life, I don’t know where I would be. Reading in print takes so much time and devoted energy that I just never have anymore. But then I found you, sweet audio, and my life has changed forever.

Once I was able to devour multiple paperbacks and hardbacks and even ebooks in a week. My thirst never quenched for stories of thrill and suspense. But time in the day seems to get shorter and more important (or responsible) tasks took precedent. And my time spent wandering mystical hills and flying with dragons were cut short. Then I was lucky to take in three or four stories a month.

And I was sad.


But then you came along.

You, you beautiful Audio, you allow me to multitask like never before.

I can now work my dreaded day job with you whispering tales in my ear. I can wash dishes while trekking across mountains after a serial killer. I can fold laundry and laugh along with the sentient swords.

I am once again absorbing magical stories by the dozen and my moods have never been so elevated. The possibilities are endless with Audible,, Hoopla, and Libby. So many choices and so many voices. Where have you been all my (adult) life? If I could go back and find you sooner, I would.


Now that I have bared my heart and soul to you, I hope that you feel the same. You’ve made my life so much better and I hope our days together will never end. Here’s to the two years of happiness we have had together and here’s to many, many more.



Your Dearest Listener