And a Happy New Year Too

Boom! We did it. Another year down.

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I looked back at my goal post from last year and I’m proud to say I not only met them, but I surpassed them.
Quick recap, I’d planned three books to be released, and I wanted to start a newsletter. Overall, I wanted to be positive and productive. I wanted to start down the path to changing my career to full-time author.

And what did I do? I released FOUR books. And I started my newsletter, kept up with it every month, and gained subscribers organically. I might not have been positive the entire time, but I was super productive. Even when I didn’t want to be. And I’m not making the big money or anything, but I’ve seen a steady stream of sales, which makes me feel like I’m on my way.

So, next year? We’re going to keep that momentum going.

Another four books released.
All Signs Vol. 2 in February
Birds Aren’t Real in May or June
Witch Book 1 in October
Edit your Novel in November

And I’m going to work harder to build my mailing list and learn more about mailing lists in general.
And talking about learning, I have built myself a dense learning plan for the next twelve months. Each quarter will focus on something different and I have books, videos, and courses to take and soak up all the knowledge that I can.

And on top of that general book and author goals, I’m going to diversify. I know I need multiple streams of income as an independent author and I’ve picked two paths to try this out. I’m going to join Medium and see if I can make a mark there. And I’m creating an Etsy account so I can design planners and sell them there.

So, let’s get this show on the road. Welcome to 2022!

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