August Reads

         This month I dropped back down to just the four books goal. Which is totally fine! I’m not disappointed in the slightest, because I know I was using my time in other ways that were also productive. I spent more time on editing my next book and doing marketing research. But since I could still finish four books, and one was on my reading list, I’m still happy with myself.

The Empire of Gold by S. A. Chakraborty

         This was the last book in the trilogy, and I was happy and sad at the same time. I wish book series never had to end and I could keep up with the characters for the rest of their lives—even though dragging them on forever gets a little boring. I just fall in love with them and want to know how their life goes in a general sense.

         Anyway. This book was amazing at tying up all the ends to complete the storyline. I wasn’t left with questions or confusion. They resolved character arcs satisfactorily. For my prime example—Dara. He grew exponentially in this book compared to the other two. He faced his bloody past, decided he wanted to change, and ended up with a task he wanted to complete that would make his soul worthy of paradise. He made amends where he was able and knew he had a lot of work to do to redeem himself. Loved it.

         Nahri and Ali’s romance received a love/hate reaction from me. Two people on a dangerous journey are bound to end up with feelings for each other, so it felt natural. And yet, I wished Nahri would have had more of a “I don’t need no man” attitude. But at least she didn’t become some gooey-eyed weakling in the process of having feelings.

         I loved the ending and how they defeated Manizeh and started to fix the city. All the new revelations introduced throughout (the Marid and Peris!?!?) tied in perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with this end to the trilogy.

The Word of the Rock God by Brooklynn Dean

         On the whole, the writing was beautiful. The descriptions brought the characters to life and I could see the dingy bars and crowded hotel rooms clearly. It was also a very creative tale about the devil and angel on your shoulder thing.

         However, I guess I just didn’t find it very interesting. Maybe it was my mood that week, but I just couldn’t get into it. I almost didn’t even finish it. Only reading some positive reviews made me push on to the end. But I still didn’t find it that great. I know Max was supposed to be pure and all that, but to me he just seemed weak and whiney and I didn’t like him very much.

         Not a terrible story, just not for me I guess. And that makes me sad, because I wanted to love it. Maybe I’ll give it another shot later on.

Christine by Stephen King

         Another King classic under my belt. This one came highly recommended from my boyfriend. It’s his favorite Stephen King novel, and I was not disappointed. Did this one as an audiobook, as usual. The voice actor was incredible. He did all the voices, and that always adds to the experience.

         I loved how the story was told. Dennis narrated first and last parts from his memory and the middle was from the outside. The character relationships were also great. Dennis with his sister reminded me of my own brother. And the interactions between Arnie and his parents—before Christine took over—were so typical teenage rebellion.

         The final confrontation was intense and had me on the edge of my seat. All the death throughout had me so worried about Leigh’s survival. Dennis kept saying things that made me think she was going to die at any second. And the end leaves room for the imagination to think about what’s really going to come of the characters—and it sure isn’t a happily ever-after. Overall, enjoyed the book immensely. Now I need to watch the movie.

5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors by Penny Sansevieri

         My craft book this month was super important. Of all the books I’ve read that have helped me along with my writing career, I had to face the hard realization that I have no idea how to sell my book! Quick as can be, I ordered a few books on marketing and got to work. And this one was great because it had things to do that don’t take a lot of time. Because who wants to spend hours marketing when they have a new book to be writing and putting out? I found it really helpful and I’m sure it’s going to show results in my sales.

         So, we’re a little over halfway through 2020 and my book reading goal for the year was fifty books again. And I’m super excited to report that I’ve read thirty-seven! I have no doubt that I’m going to achieve this goal and maybe I’ll be able to up it a little next year. My specific reading list also had twenty books on it, and I’ve read eleven of them. I’m confident I’ll cross those all off this time around as well. 2020 might have sucked in a lot of ways so far, but being productive wasn’t one of them.