Big News Big News

Saturday is book launch day! And I’m so very excited about this book being out and available to the public. I’ve worked on it for a long time and it will be my first full length novel to be published. This was the first book I wrote after my emotional hiatus so that alone makes me very proud to release it into the world. If you’re into psychological thriller, suspense type books, I hope you consider picking up a copy.


Whitney thought starting over in a new place would change her life for the better.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

With one disaster after another paired with her ever-present anxiety, she’s pushed to the brink. She’s hanging on by her fingertips to stay afloat. The ones she holds close can only do so much to help. If only she would let them.

With the world seeming to stand against her and tragedies happening all around, she’s pushed beneath the surface. How many innocents will she drag down with her?

Pick up your copy of Until I Wake to find out.


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