Bookish Things

One thing I wish I had was the time to sit and read. I’ve been so grateful for the existence of audiobooks so that I can keep on track with my reading goals, but I do miss reading books. I miss being cozy on the couch with a book and reading until my heart’s content.

But you know how it goes, adult responsibilities get in the way.

BUT I have been reading an e-book this month and I’ve made a valiant effort to spend time with it instead of mindlessly scrolling on facebook or twitter. And this book is The House on Cerulean Sea by TJ Kline. And I’m telling you this now because if that book isn’t finished and included on my August reads post, I need one of you to send me a virtual kick. Haha.

Along with these book thoughts, I’ve also been spending probably too much time thinking about tattoos. If you don’t know, I have several. But I recently got a quill and an inkpot on my hand and ever since, I’ve been wanting more book related art on my body. I used to want the dark mark on my arm, because of my lifelong obsession with Harry Potter and the dark arts and Bellatrix was my fave and I’m a Slytherin and all that…. But with JK Rowling’s bad opinions in the news lately has, uh, well, lessened the appeal for me.

I did find this though

and now I’m daydreaming about a stack of books going up my arm.

If you have any book related tattoos, I’d love to see them. But I guess that’s all for today, need to get to work on the actual work type stuff, I suppose.

Thursday be sure to come back and check out my thoughts on the books I read (listened to) last month.