All Signs Point to Hell Vol. 3

Ten tales of terror to unsettle your soul: ghosts, demons, curses, and the unknown lurking just beyond your grasp.

Picture It joins a group of college friends as they move into their house for their final year. But things take a dark turn as items rearrange themselves and go missing, followed by eerie photos of them sleeping appearing on their phones. One by one, the girls disappear until there’s only one left to tell the tale.

The Price of Promises, follow the story of a young girl and her faithful teddy bear. As she grows up, she makes a promise to love him forever. But when she receives a new toy, she forgets about her beloved bear. Little does she know that he did not forget about her, and he is coming back to collect what was promised.

In The Bridge, join a man on his quest for adventure as he sets out to cross an ancient, enchanted bridge to a mysterious forest. But as he reaches the halfway point, he realizes that his journey may have been a grave mistake.

In No Good Deed, follow the story of a dedicated doctor who will stop at nothing to cure a rare blood disease that turns its sufferers into monsters. He realizes too late the terrible price he must pay for his ambition. This chilling tale is a cautionary reminder of the dangers of playing with the unknown.

A Campground Tale is a journey through a dark wood. After getting lost, a mysterious fairy child appears to guide you to safety. Although you make it out unscathed, you can’t shake the feeling that things could have gone much differently. This haunting recollection will leave you wondering about the unseen forces that roam the forests.

Tales of the Lost brings together a group of unfortunate souls in a strange bar. The enigmatic bartender listens to their tales of woe, but they realize too late this will be their last drink.

In Full Dark, uncover a sinister secret in a seemingly perfect new home. When Steven’s parents begin to behave strangely, he realizes that something is wearing their skin.

Run Rabbit Run, Find yourself trapped in a never-ending hallway, fleeing from an unseen monster. The choice is yours: keep running, or face the beast head-on.

The Mirror, beware the deadly reflection in the mirror. An evil spirit lurks behind the glass, possessing and killing anything that crosses its path.

In Jenny Calling, grapple with grief when the phone rings and an unexpected voice talks with you.

Make sure you check for the monsters under your bed.