Under the Dark Moon

-The first book in the Witches of Empire City Series-

Nadine Frost is the head of temple security in Empire City, and she’s up against her toughest foe yet. Jaylon has her under a powerful spell and is determined to take her down, using her own powers against her.

But Nadine is no ordinary woman. With the help of her council of seven powerful witches, she’s fighting back with all her might. Together, they’ll stop at nothing to bring Jaylon to justice and protect the innocent from his dangerous schemes.

As they track Jaylon through the city’s dark underbelly, a sinister plot among the Leeches is uncovered, and Nadine must stay one step ahead of the game if she wants to win. With the clock ticking down and lives on the line, she’ll do whatever it takes to stop Jaylon and put an end to his deadly plans.

Pick up Under the Dark Moon to experience a magical world tinged in darkness and retribution.