In Spite of It All

Discover a collection of short fiction where everyday heroes battle against unimaginable odds and triumph over malevolent forces in a relentless fight for justice.

When the Rains Came- After losing her home to a tornado, Annie uncovers a terrorizing truth about Texas – a monster is on the loose, hunting for human blood and leaving a trail of death in its wake. Join Annie and her unlikely allies as they race against time to stop the beast before it destroys more lives.

How I Disappear- Beware the monster hiding in plain sight – even behind the guise of a loving husband and father. Jealousy ignites a downward spiral for Mandy, leaving her grappling with grief and trauma. Will she find the strength to overcome and rise above her pain?

Those Who Linger- Kayla thought cleaning houses would be a breeze, but she quickly realizes that this job is not as simple as it seems. Alongside her mother, she discovers that they must clean much more than just surfaces and the work begins to torment her thoughts. What will Kayla do when the haunted house seeks revenge?

Notus- The world as humanity knew it changed forever with the arrival of extraterrestrial robots, unleashing a war that threatens to eradicate all life on Earth. But a select few dare to fight against the invaders. Chloe takes a bold stand against the Commander by testing her new weapon, but will her bravery lead to victory or become her downfall?

Project Whitehead- In a society where the ruling elite value physical appearance above all, those deemed undesirable are shunned and marginalized. Bell dreams of simply being true to herself, but at what cost? Together with a group of misfits, they struggle to survive in a world that hates them. But when a mad scientist threatens to eliminate all ‘mutations,’ Bell and her allies must risk everything to stop him and secure their right to exist.

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